'...everyone who attended has conveyed in most reverential tones, the way your Harp music effected them personal, emotionally and spiritually.


'James, the funeral director, was sitting at the back of the Chapel next to my mother. About half way through the ‘music for quiet contemplation’ that you played on your Harp, my mother turned to see James wiping his eyes. At the end of the service I was talking to my mother and James came over to pay his regards. He told us that in all that time ­ that’s over 20 years in his profession ­ that he had never been moved to tears during a service and was surprised that something as simple as a Harp could evoke such feelings in such a man.'

John, you should feel proud of the depth of emotion you and your Harp evoked that afternoon in us all.


'It has left a lasting impression, not of the event per se, but something deep down, fundamental and human. I think it has set a positive memory that days such as this do not have to be the dowdy formalities that we all dread, but can really be celebrations; serene, beautiful and simple with a spiritual clarity and sense of peace for all those who witness it.'

Harp in Glastonbury Abbey

'Wow, Fantastic, Amazing! These are only a few comments received so far from the visitors to "Night at the Abbey".  We wanted to thank you so very much for your support and performance on the evening, everyone had a marvelous time and we hope you did too... Once again, thank you very much for sharing your spectacular talents. We hope to work with you again in the future.'

The Director, Glastonbury Abbey