I have always had very eclectic tastes, and the harp is an ideal instrument on which to explore them. Most would say that the piano is the most versatile instrument, and maybe it is, but then this relatively new instrument is actually a harp in a box, as the grand piano still shows.


Classical melodies, ancient church music, jazz, blues, pop songs, South American tunes, flamenco, Portuguese fado melodies, all can sound lovely on the harp. Jewish, Arab, Bulgarian, Turkish tunes and scales all interest me and tempt me to experiment. Many Indian raga scales are playable on the harp, which can of course be easily converted to create a tampure sound and tuned to give the right intonation demanded by various scales from across the world.


Special requests 

can usually be played, given enough time, so for weddings and other events, please do not hesitate to ask. I have been pushed to learn some really interesting pieces in this way, including film themes, brass band music and good ol' country'n'western...