What is the essence and origin of the male and female? What is the intense power of sexuality? In this talk we look at esoteric ideas on ‘The Fall’ into physicality, the division of the sexes, the human and animal kingdoms and the mysteries within the sexual realm. Looking at puberty, human fertility, lunar cycles and the physiology of reproduction, we picyure the story of the human race. This talk will consider gender orientation; how sexuality can be used and abused; and how each of us may have, within, aspects of the opposite sex.  We look at the male and female bodily forms and their relation to earth and cosmos. Using harp, major and minor scales are shown to represent masculine and feminine qualities in music, and much more.

Before we can hope to know reality, we must try to understand cognition itself - how we come to know the world around us. Life presents itself to us in two forms: what we perceive through the senses and what is revealed through ideas, or ‘concepts’. We experience ourselves in the interface between the outer world and our inner world. This is an experiential talk intended to give new insight into how we perceive the ‘reality’ we share, including space, time and matter. Western philosophy has for many centuries been dominated by dualistic concepts of spirit and matter. We explore how Aristotle and Plato influenced Western thinking; and how more recently, Goethe and Steiner helped resolve this dualism to enable one to see reality as a unity.


We can easily identify solid objects, liquids and gases in the world around us, yet many believe or suspect there are other, more subtle ‘dimensions’. In this talk we look at what really defines the elements of earth, water, air and fire - how they are pictures of each other, like musical octaves. By extending our thinking, we can perceive the possibility of higher and lower realms, which may include the sources of life, and even unseen beings… We look afresh at what we usually take for granted – gravity, space and time; stones, water, plants and organic life. I will show how archetypal stages of plant growth are reflected in musical scales. The talk explores how a modern form of alchemy has much to offer alongside contemporary scientific theories. It may be that the human being is ever the most sensitive scientific instrument of all.